It’s time for a break.

Twenty years ago, in a time when globalization was but a whisper on the wind and people found solace in their local worlds, I embarked on a heartfelt odyssey to infuse German advertising with the vibrant hues of culture. Throughout these years, my agency has woven a tapestry of awe-inspiring projects, each one a testament to our passion. Yet, the world has transformed, people have evolved, and so have we. As our creative souls yearn for uncharted horizons, we embrace a reflective retreat, allowing our imaginations to dance amid the twilight of change. While we recharge our hearts with the tender glow of new inspirations, we’ll share our cherished collection of past work here.

May our work spark an inspiration flame that ignites your intercultural creative endeavors.

See you back in Summer 2024.
Akin Duyar

Our (previous) Work

In the next couple of months, until we are back with our new page,  we will showcase the highlights of our previous intercultural works right here. Stay tuned for an awe-inspiring display of our expertise in bridging cultural differences.

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