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When telecommunications giants Türk Telekom and O2 initiated their joint venture, Türk Telekom Mobile, powered by O2, they entrusted us with the challenge of bringing their product to life on screen. As their Below-The-Line agency, we were well-versed with their brand values and audience, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to scale our successful efforts to a broader media landscape.

Their previous campaign had leveraged the celebrity power of Cem Yilmaz, Turkey’s most prominent stand-up comedian, propelling their brand awareness to impressive heights. Yet, despite the brand visibility, product sales languished. The reason was three-fold: Yilmaz’s larger-than-life persona was upstaging the product, the tariff system was overly intricate, and their marketing lacked a user-centric approach. However, hidden within these challenges was an ideal product just waiting to be effectively communicated.

We realized the solution was to bring the product’s benefits to the fore in a relatable, accessible way. Drawing inspiration from the unique cultural confluence of our target audience – the Turkish population residing in Germany – we conceptualized a narrative that would resonate with them.

Our strategy pivoted around the perspective of a 12-year-old German-Turkish girl journeying with her family to Turkey. The premise was simple, yet powerful: to demonstrate the tariff’s benefits through her experiences. This intimate approach allowed our target audience to quickly understand the product’s advantages and see themselves mirrored in the family’s story.

The campaign was a resounding success, cementing Türk Telekom Mobile as one of Germany’s most successful ethnic mobile brands. It served as a testament to the power of truly understanding one’s audience and crafting a message that speaks directly to their experiences.

Regrettably, the product’s success story came to an end when Türk Telekom and O2 were unable to reach a consensus on extending their partnership. However, the impact of the campaign endures, a shining beacon of multicultural marketing success.


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